Lost Traffic Ticket in Alabama

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Alabama Traffic Ticket Information

Your AL traffic ticket includes information about your ticket fine and deadline, and where to submit your plea or ticket payment. If you've lost your traffic ticket, you may be able to search for this information by phone or online. Alternatively, you can contact the traffic court handling your case directly.

Keep reading to learn how to obtain lost Alabama traffic ticket information.

Traffic Ticket Search in Alabama

Online Ticket Search

In Alabama, you can't search for a lost traffic ticket online. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) may not be much help to you, but you can try contacting your local office in case you're not having any luck. Otherwise, you can search for information about your ticket via Alapay, but you must have certain information about the ticket, such as the UTC letter and number. So, that option is only helpful when you want to pay an AL traffic ticket; not when you need to search for a lost ticket.

Search for a Lost Alabama Ticket by Phone

You can contact the Alabama Traffic Call Center at (866) 954-9399 to ask about retrieving lost Alabama traffic ticket information. To get information about your lost ticket, be prepared to provide certain information, such as your name and AL driver's license number.

Determine Where You Got Your AL Traffic Ticket

If you can remember where you were ticketed in Alabama, you can search the county's website (see below); if you can't remember any details about your lost ticket, contact your local Traffic Call Center.

Visit the Alabama County Court Website

Once you know the Alabama county where you were ticketed, you can visit the website to gather information about your lost AL traffic ticket, including plea and payment options, hearing requirements, contact information, and addresses.

Determine How You Will Plead

Once you've retrieved your lost AL traffic ticket information, decide how you want to plead. Alabama allows drivers to:

Some drivers are able to enroll in driving school and get their traffic tickets dismissed; this option depends on a variety of factors―such as the violation, traffic court judge, and driver―but does require a court appearance before becoming a possibility.

Learn more at our paying your Alabama traffic ticket and fighting your AL traffic ticket sections.

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