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  • License Plates & Placards in Alabama

    Alabama Plates & Placards

    When you register your vehicle in Alabama, you'll have a variety of license plates to choose from.

    On this page you'll find an overview of the main types of license plates you can apply for with the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR).

    Surrendering License Plates if You Move

    The state does not require Alabama residents to return their license plates after relocating to another state.

    Personalized Alabama License Plates

    Personalized license plates can add another level of uniqueness to your vehicle. You can search for, and reserve, a personalized license plate online at the Department of Revenue.

    If this license is available, the department must approve it. You have five days from requesting a specific message to visit your local tag office, place your order for that tag, and pay the appropriate fees.

    You will be given a temporary tag along with the month and year decals to be placed on the new tag when it arrives within four to six weeks.

    For a personalized license plate, you must pay the standard registration fees based on your type of vehicle, plus an additional yearly fee of $50 for passenger cars or motorcycles.

    Distinctive License Plates

    Another option you have for licensing your car is one of many distinctive plates offered by various organizations. If you want to show support for the military, education, wildlife, a college, or even a sorority, Alabama has license plates to help. Visit the Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division website and click on the "License Plate Information" tab to select your choice of tags.

    Some distinctive plates are not available to the general public. You must belong to a particular organization to purchase its distinctive license plates.

    Alabama Disabled License Plates and Placards

    If you are disabled, you can apply for a special license plate or placard that entitles you to park in disabled-access parking spaces. You must own or partially own the vehicle you wish to license if you want a license plate; otherwise, you'll need to get a placard―the portable plastic license to hang from the rearview mirror. The placards can be used in any vehicle transporting disabled passengers.

    You will need to complete an Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges (Form MVR 32-6-230). License plates are $23 for cars and $15 for motorcycles, while placards are free.

    The application process includes your doctor certifying that you have difficulty walking or breathing while walking.

    The placards and license plates are subject to renewal every five years, but after you complete the first application, you can save time and effort by certifying yourself if you have a long-term disability. To re-certify, just use the same MVR form listed above, and sign it at the bottom in the recertification box.

    Antique Vehicle (Vintage) License Plates


    • You must be an Alabama resident.
    • Your vehicle must be over 30 years old.
    • You cannot use the vehicle for commercial purposes, or for general purposes such as driving to work, school or running errands.
    • Your vehicle is a private passenger car, trucK (under 26,000 lbs), motorcycle, or fire truck with its original body, chassis, engine and transmission. The state will accept replicas and close approximations to the original model's body and parts.

    How to Apply

    Complete the aptly named Application for Vintage Vehicle License Plates (Form MVR 40-12-290), and submit it along with the appropriate fee to your nearest Motor Vehicle Title and Tag office.

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