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  • Driver Handbook in Alabama

    SUMMARY: Alabama Driver Handbook

    The Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) has various manuals available online to help you become a better driver. These include the AL driver’s manual, CDL manual, and motorcycle handbook. Also available online is the AL Vehicle Code.

    On this page, you’ll find links to the handbooks you’ll need to pass your driver’s license tests.

    Alabama Driver Manual

    The Alabama DPS provides the Alabama Driver Manual to help you learn how to safely operate a vehicle. Within, you’ll find topics such as:

    • How to apply for an AL driver’s license.
    • Vision, knowledge, and road tests.
    • Driver’s license fees.
    • Traffic signs and signals.
    • Traffic laws.
    • Driver’s license suspensions.
    • What to do in the event of a collision.
    • AL point system.
    Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

    If you have time to study the entire Alabama Driver Manual then have at it. If you're looking for a less time consuming way to prepare for the written exam, try an online practice test from our certified partner.

    Commercial Driver’s License Manual

    If you’re applying for an Alabama commercial driver's license (CDL), you’ll need to take the time to study the Commercial Driver License Manual.

    It contains information about:

    • How to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safely.
    • CDL requirements and endorsements.
    • Commercial driver locations.
    • Air brakes.
    • Transporting hazardous materials.
    • Transporting cargo and passengers.
    • Pre-trip vehicle inspections.

    To better prepare for the CDL knowledge test in Alabama, you can also take an online practice test.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual in AL

    The Alabama Motorcycle Operator Manual is an important resource when applying for your motorcycle license. The following topics are covered:

    • How to apply for an AL motorcycle license.
    • Getting to know your motorcycle.
    • Basic vehicle control.
    • Sharing your lane with other vehicles.
    • Riding at night.
    • Driving on dangerous surfaces.
    • Carrying passengers or cargo.

    The Alabama DPS offers a list of sample questions within the manual that you can use to test your knowledge. For additional preparation before your written exam, you can take an online motorcycle license practice test.

    Boating Manual

    To legally operate a motorized vehicle on Alabama’s waterways, you’ll need to pass a certification exam and obtain your vessel license.

    For more information, read the Boat Alabama Certification Manual.

    AL Vehicle Code

    The Alabama Motor Vehicle Code covers all statutes regarding AL traffic laws, safety requirements, and other rules of the road.

    If you’ve received a traffic ticket, reading the code may help you understand why you received the citation and even help you fight the charge.

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