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    The Alabama Vehicle Code

    The Alabama Motor Vehicle Code is long, but it is organized well and easy to read. The Motor Vehicle Code is Code 32 of the Code of Alabama.

    The Motor Vehicle Code spells out the rules of the road and safety requirements. It also sets laws for tractor-trailers, motorcycles, and used car dealers.

    What's in the Alabama Vehicle Code?

    The following facts are examples of the useful information you'll find in the Alabama Vehicle Code:

    • Section 32-5C. Window tinting is illegal in Alabama, except for certain exceptions that are spelled out in the Code.
    • Section 32-5A-57. Coasting down a hill in Alabama with your car in neutral is illegal.
    • Section 32-5A-59. Driving over a fire hose laid in the street is illegal.
    • Section 32-13-2. Any law enforcement officer who discovers a vehicle has been abandoned for at least seven days has the authority to have it removed.
    • Section 32-18-2. Any city has the authority to set up motor vehicle testing facilities, and collect fees for vehicle testing. These fees can be used to pay for such facilities.

    How to Read the Section Codes

    In the section above, laws are assigned section numbers. For example, Section 32-18-2 means you will find that law in Code Section 32 (the Motor Vehicle section), Chapter 18, sub-section 2.

    Chapter Outlines

    The chapters covered under the Motor Vehicle Code include:

    • General Provisions
    • Department of Public Safety
    • State Safety Coordinating Committee
    • Regulation of Operation of Motor Vehicles
    • Rules of the Road
    • Alabama Safety Belt Act of 1991
    • Window Tinting
    • Licenses and Registration
    • Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Act
    • Mandatory Automobile Liability Insurance
    • Uniform Certificate of Title and Antitheft Act
    • Trucks, Trailers, and Semitrailers
    • Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Requirements
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Rescue Squads
    • Motorcycles and Motor-Driven Cycles
    • Abandoned Motor Vehicles
    • Driver Training Schools
    • Renting, Hiring, and Using Motor Vehicles
    • Selling Used Motor Vehicles
    • Warranty Work on Motor Vehicles
    • Non-original Equipment Manufacturer Aftermarket Crash Parts Disclosure
    • Municipal Testing Stations
    • Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices

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