511 Traffic Systems in Alaska

Dialing 511, America's Traveler Information number, accesses you instant information on Alaska's current road conditions. This service details every possible road situation: weather, construction, accidents, or caribou crossings.

How it Works

If you're in Alaska, you can simply dial 511 (toll free) to access traffic information. If you're outside of Alaska, you can call (866) 282-7577.

You can use either voice commands, your keypad, or both to find the traffic information you need.

Menu options include:

  • Highway reports.
  • Transit.
  • Transfer my call.

NOTE: Highway information will only include events happening on the major highways in Alaska. You can find more information on other roads on the website.

Operating Suggestions

Background noise confuses the 511 system. Before dialing turn off the radio and ask any or all passengers with loud voices to mute their chatter. Also, speak clearly. The system won't interpret your voice if you're attempting to talk with a slab of beef jerky crammed in your mouth.

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