Pay Traffic Ticket in Alaska

What It Means to Pay Your AK Traffic Ticket

Generally, paying your traffic ticket means you're admitting guilt and will accept any related penalties for the violation.

When you choose to plead guilty and pay your ticket:

  • Your judge might give you the option to plead to a lesser offense―one that carries lesser fines and penalties. Typically, you must show up in court for such an option, and often drivers hire traffic ticket lawyers to help them get these options.
  • You can pay your fine online unless your ticket states otherwise or you received a city ticket rather than a county ticket.
  • The court might give you the option to enroll in a defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket; at the least, you might have the option to take the course for point reduction. (Check Alaska's vehicle code and point system for more details.)
  • Your auto insurance provider might give you a discount for completing the defensive driving course.

Note that:

  • If you're under age and commit a DUI-related offense, or a minor and working your way up the licensing ladder, you could face stiffer fines and penalties. Our Ticket Fines and Penalties explains.
  • If your ticket is for a “correctable offense" (which should be printed on the ticket), you might only have to present evidence that you've corrected the deficiency. Generally this requires an appearance in court or at the applicable city government agency.
  • You must respond to your ticket by the response date printed on the ticket. Please contact your court or the agency that issued your ticket if you're not sure about your time limit.

Plead Guilty as a AK CDL Driver

During most cases, CDL holders can plead guilty and pay or contest non-criminal traffic tickets in the same way regular driver's license holders do, but they must inform their employers and the DMV.

Plus, they face stiffer penalties. Our Ticket Fines and Penalties section further explains those penalties, as does of the first page of the Alaska Commercial Driver License Manual.

Pay Your Alaska Traffic Ticket Online

Most drivers can pay online as long as:

  • The ticket was issued on a county level. City tickets must be paid directly to the city.
  • The ticket doesn't state the driver must make a court appearance.

If you're eligible to pay online, visit the Alaska Court System E-Pay System.

If you can't pay online, aren't sure whether you're allowed to pay online, or don't have the means to pay online (such as an accepted credit card), keep reading.

Determine Where You Got Your Traffic Ticket

Again, tickets are issued on city and county levels. You must pay city ticket fines directly to the city, and county ticket fines to the county court system.

Check your ticket for information about where you received your citation; if no information is included, contact your court for further instructions.

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