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  • Motorcycle Registration in Alaska

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    In Alaska, registration is required for all vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, snowmobiles, ATVs, trailers, and boats.

    Registration Expirations

    All motor vehicle registrations are set to expire on the last day of the month of registration.

    Personalized Plates Available

    You are also required to display one license plate on your motorcycle. Alaska offers personalized license plates for your motorcycle, and you can order them online. They are only available in the standard blue and yellow. The Caribou and Mountain designs are not available for motorcycle license plates.

    Register Online

    Motorcycle registration is also available via the Internet, but first, you must make sure that the DMV has your current address on file. If you receive what is known as the "pre-bill" by mail, you'll know that the DMV has your correct address. If it's getting close to time for renewal and you have not received a pre-bill, you should check to see if the DMV does have the current address. If you get stuck and can't change your address online, contact DMV for instructions on what you need to do.

    After You Renew Online

    In order to renew online, you'll also need to have a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card to pay the registration fees. Once registration is processed, your new tabs will be mailed out to the address on file at the DMV. If you do not receive your tags within 14 days, contact DMV to follow up.

    Motorcyclists in the Military

    If you are a motorcycle owner in the military, there are some additional rules regarding your registration renewal. For more information, please see our page on drivers in the military.

    Custom-built Motorcycles

    Have you built your own custom bike? There are some different procedures and documentation involved in the registration of a custom-built motorcycle. If you need to register a custom bike, please contact your local DMV office.

    Are You Currently Out of State?

    If your registration will expire while you are outside the state, you have a couple of options for getting it renewed. You may:

    Renew Online

    Here's what you'll need in order to renew your registration online:

    • Have the Netscape or Internet Explorer browser version 4.0 or higher
    • Enable your browser to accept cookies
    • Have Java enabled on your browser

    Renew by Mail

    In order to mail your registration renewal, send the following items:

    • Your pre-bill
    • A copy of your last registration
    • The motorcycle license plate number
    • A check for the renewal fee.
    • A Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 821) OR
    • A letter requesting the renewal by mail

    Contacting the DMV

    You can mail any requests or questions to:

    State of Alaska

    Division of Motor Vehicles

    Attn: Mailouts

    1300 W. Benson Blvd

    Anchorage AK 99503-3696

    Or, go to your local DMV office if you need more assistance.

    Compare Motorcycle Insurance Rates in 3 Steps

    1. Enter Your Zip:

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