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  • Motorcycle Manual in Alaska

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    The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not have the Motorcycle Manual available for download on its website, but you may pick up a copy in person at your AK DMV office, request one by calling the AK DMV main information number at (855) 269-5551, or send a request in writing to:

    • State of Alaska
    • Division of Motor Vehicles
    • 1300 W. Benson Blvd.
    • Anchorage, AK 99503

    What Constitutes a Motorcycle?

    In the manual, you'll learn the difference between the types of motorcycle licenses. You'll also learn which two-wheeled vehicles require a full M1 motorcycle endorsement and which require a basic M2 endorsement.

    The M1 designation will allow you to drive:

    • Motorcycles
    • Motorized scooters
    • Motor-driven cycles
    • Motorized bicycles

    An M2 designation will authorize you to drive only:

    • Motorized scooters
    • Motor-driven cycles
    • Motorized bicycles

    Once you determine which designation you will need, you can study the appropriate sections of the manual before you take your written and driving tests.

    You can also look online for other forms you may need before you go to the DMV.

    Remember, you will also need to make sure that your motorcycle is properly registered and that you have adequate insurance.

    Riding a Motorcycle Safely

    Alaska is not always the most forgiving environment for motorcycle riding, but that does not lessen the number of individuals applying for motorcycle endorsements. Of course, motorcyclists often cite the freedom, gas economy, ease of parking and lower purchase prices and maintenance costs associated with motorcycles to be a large part of their preference for riding on two wheels.

    The first and most important thing you will learn from the Alaska Motorcycle Driver Manual is how to ride your motorcycle safely, and how to avoid accidents. Riding within your skill set is a good way to avoid accidents. Heavy traffic, carrying passengers or cargo, inclement weather and road conditions all contribute to accidents and incidents involving motorcycles. These are just a few motorcycle driving safety basics discussed in the Motorcycle Manual:

    • Maintaining proper distance
    • Control of your motorcycle
    • Other vehicles on the road
    • Riding on dangerous surfaces
    • Passenger transport
    • Avoiding accidents

    The Alaska Motorcycle Manual covers skills you can use to ensure your own safety on the road, as well as the safety of other drivers. It covers new methods for maintaining your safety while riding on the streets, highways and freeways of Alaska.

    Motorcycle Dress Code

    Sometimes, the difference between an enjoyable ride and a nightmare ride is in the gear and clothing worn by the rider. Riding a motorcycle in sandals, a t-shirt, no jacket, and shorts can make your ride anything from uncomfortable at best to tragic at worst.

    Using gear can't prevent accidents, but it can help prevent a minor accident from inflicting major injuries to you or a passenger. Many inexperienced riders choose not to wear gear or helmets, thinking they are unnecessary. While helmets are not required by law in Alaska, they do save lives. The Alaska Motorcycle Manual teaches:

    • Proper helmet choices
    • Correct body gear
    • Correct boot and clothing choices
    • How to protect your eyes and face
    • Become more visible to other drivers

    More than a few motorcyclists have sworn that the gear they wore protected them from a long recovery from lost skin, fractured bones, head injuries and more.

    Mechanical Problems

    Many accidents involving motorcycles can be attributed to mechanical failure. Motorcycle drivers do not automatically know what they should do in case of a breakdown. Some mechanical failures happen so suddenly that there is not a lot of time to think. The Alaska Motorcycle Manual teaches you tips on what to do in the event of:

    • Tire blowout
    • Stuck throttle
    • Airborne objects
    • Chain stuck or broken
    • Engine failure
    • Animals in the road

    No two breakdowns are alike, but there are ways to deal with the instability caused by mechanical problems and to avoid accidents that result from them. Basic methods for controlling an unstable motorcycle are covered in the manual.

    Other Topics

    The Alaska Motorcycle Manual also covers road rules, laws, tips for making your ride more pleasant, ideas for staying safe in the event of sudden weather changes, road changes and more. Even if you have been riding motorcycles for many years, consider picking up a copy of the manual next time you are at your local AK DMV office. Who knows, you may find a tip today that will save your life the next time you head out on the highway.

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