Lost Traffic Ticket in Alaska

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Alaska Traffic Ticket Information

If you've lost your Alaska traffic ticket, you'll need to obtain the citation number, ticket fine information, and deadlines.

You may be able to search for your lost traffic ticket online by name or ticket number. Otherwise, contact the appropriate AK county court for details.

Keep reading to learn more about finding lost tickets in Alaska.

If your AK traffic ticket is payable to the county rather than the city, you might be able to search for your lost Alaska traffic ticket online.

When you visit the Alaska Court System's E-Pay System and choose the option to make an online payment, the system will ask for either your first and last name or your traffic ticket number. You may not remember any details on your lost ticket. However, by providing your full name, the E-Pay System might provide sufficient information to pay your ticket or contact the court to plead "not guilty."

If your traffic ticket doesn't show up using the E-Pay system, it could mean:

  • You need to pay your ticket fines to the city directly.
  • You're required to appear in court for the traffic violation.

Continue below for information on how to proceed.

Determine Where You Got Your Alaska Traffic Ticket

If you can remember the AK county in which you were ticketed or which kind of officer wrote your citation―great! You can contact the appropriate court or agency to get information about your lost ticket and go from there.

If you can't remember where you received your AK traffic ticket, you'll need to go through a process of elimination. Start by contacting the courts on the county level; if the Alaska traffic ticket clerk has no information regarding you or your lost traffic ticket, contact the city agency that handles Alaska traffic tickets.

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may not be able to provide ticket information. However, you could call your local AK DMV office to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Visit the Alaska County Website

Alaska's Court Directory provides contact information for every court in the state; search for your traffic court, and then contact it to ask about retrieving lost traffic ticket information. If you can't get a physical copy of the lost ticket, try to get:

  • The citation or traffic ticket number.
  • The exact traffic violations for which you received citations.
  • All applicable AK traffic ticket fines and related court costs and surcharges for which you'll be responsible if you plead "guilty."
  • Information about whether you're required to appear in court and, if so, the date.
  • Information on how to plead "guilty" or "not guilty" if you aren't able to find or retrieve your lost ticket.

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