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  • License Plates & Placards in Alaska

    Alaska License Plates & Placards

    The Alaska DMV requires all motor vehicles to display two license plates, with current month and year tabs placed on the back plate. Trailers and motorcycles require only one license plate with current month and year tabs.

    Surrendering Alaska License Plates

    Alaska does not require residents to return their license plates after relocating to another state or selling their vehicle.

    New Vehicle License Plates in Alaska

    The DMV will issue a set of license plates for your new vehicle with a unique set of numbers and letters. Since virtually all new vehicles are purchased through a dealership, the dealer will handle any paperwork required in order to have your license plates issued.

    Personalized Alaska License Plates

    Alaska offers a variety of Special Issue License Plates that may be personalized. The Personalized License Plate section of the DMV website has all the information you need to get your own set of personalized or specialty license plates.

    Transferring Plates

    If you have personalized plates and want to transfer them to a different vehicle, both of the vehicles must be registered to the plate holder. If you are purchasing a new vehicle and want to transfer your personalized plates, check with the dealership for details.

    There is a $5 fee to transfer personalized or specialized license plates, with the exception of:

    • Disability Parking Identification
    • Disabled Veteran
    • Disabled Veteran with Disabled Parking
    • Prisoner of War
    • Pearl Harbor Survivor

    Lost License Plates and Tabs

    If your license plates or month/year tabs are lost, stolen or damaged, visit this page of the DMV website for replacement instructions.

    Fees for the replacement license plates and tabs:

    • Replacement license plate, including tabs: $5
    • Replacement registrations only: $2

    The replacement fee for personalized plates is the same as the initial issue price.

    Disabled License Plates in Alaska

    If you have a permanent disability and would like license plates to identify for parking rather than a parking placard, you may request disabled license plates by submitting a completed Application for Disabled Parking Identification (Form 861) for disabled parking identification. This application is required before your plates can be issued, unless you have one on file for a current parking placard. There is no additional charge for disabled license plates, and you may hold both a disabled parking placard and disabled parking license plates.

    Disabled License Plate Application

    In order to be issued a set of disabled parking identification license plates, you need to file an Application for Disabled Parking Identification (Form 861) signed by your physician or by a licensed physician's assistant, a nurse practitioner, a podiatrist, or a chiropractor licensed to practice in Alaska.

    AK Disabled Veteran's Plates

    If you are a disabled veteran disabled veterans and qualify for disabled parking license plates, you will need to submit the following in order to have them issued to you:

    Disabled Veteran Plates without Parking Privileges

    If you are a veteran with a 50% or greater disability rating, even if you do not qualify for disabled parking, you may still request Disabled Veteran's license plates for your vehicle. Check with your local DMV office for details, or see our section on Drivers With Disabilities for more information.

    Disabled Permits

    There is no fee for a disabled parking permit. If you qualify, the AK DMV will issue you two copies of the hanging placards, unless you choose to be issued disabled identification license plates for your vehicle. Temporary disability parking permits are always issued as hanging placards.

    Antique License Plates in Alaska

    Historical Plates


    • Your vehicle must be at least 30 years old.
    • Your vehicle cannot be a motorcycle or trailer.
    • The vehicle can only be driven for historical exhibition purposes.

    How to Apply:

    Complete and submit an Application for Title & Registration (Form 812) along with all applicable fees. The registration fee for vintage vehicles is $10.

    Custom Collector Plates


    • The body and frame of your vehicle must have been manufactured before 1949, or your vehicle must be a replica with modifications for road safety.
    • Your vehicle cannot be a motorcycle or trailer.

    Parts Requirements:

    • Hydraulic service brakes on all wheels
    • Turn signals and turn signal switch
    • Standard or blue-dot taillights
    • Working windshield wiper(s)
    • Safety glass or lexan
    • Sealed beam or halogen headlights
    • Seat belts for every seat
    • A parking brake that modulates at least two wheels on the same axle

    How to Apply:

    Complete and submit an Application for Title & Registration (Form 812) along with all applicable fees. The initial plate fee is $50.

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