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  • Identification Cards in Alaska

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    Importance of Having an Alaska ID Card

    Even those of us who do not―whether by chance or by choice―drive, need some kind of identification. These days, solid, irrefutable, and valid identification is required in order to do any business, including banking, buying property, obtaining credit, writing a check, buying an airline ticket, traveling, and a host of other things.

    Anyone May Apply

    The great thing about Alaska's non-driver identification cards, is that anyone, at any age, including children, may apply. Most cards are valid for 5 years after it has been issued and expires on the applicant's birthday.

    Apply for an Alaska Identification Card

    To apply for an Alaska state identification card, you will be required to present the same identification as is required for an original driver's license, which includes:

    What to Expect at the DMV Office

    Here's what you will need to be prepared to do once you get to the DMV office to apply for your Alaska state ID card:

    • Present the documents listed above.
    • Have your picture taken.
    • Pay the applicable fee (see below).

    Alaska Identification Card Fees

    When you apply for your ID card, whether you pay a fee will vary based on your age.

    • Younger than 60 years old: $15.
    • 60 years old or older: free.

    If your ID card gets lost or damaged, you'll pay a $15 fee for a replacement.

    When to Go to the DMV Office

    The Alaska DMV has determined when they have the largest crowds and when things slow down a bit. It is suggested that in order to avoid long waits, you go to the DMV office at these times:

    • Mid-morning.
    • The middle of the month.
    • The middle of that office's work week.

    Some Alaska DMV offices are equipped with office Web cams. Check to see if your office has a web cam available so that you can check the crowds before you head out to the DMV office.

    Renewing an ID Card

    Alaska Identification cards must be renewed in person at the DMV. When you go to renew your identification card, be prepared to do the following:

    • Surrender your current identification card.
    • Have your picture taken.
    • Pay your fee (see above).

    Identification cards may be renewed just like a driver's license.

    Replacing an Alaska ID Card

    Follow the same procedures and for replacing a lost or destroyed driver's license. When you get to the DMV office to replace your lost, stolen or destroyed identification card, be prepared to do the following:

    • Surrender any remaining portion of a destroyed card.
    • Have your picture taken.
    • Pay a $15 fee.