Fight Traffic Ticket in Alaska

SUMMARY: How to Fight an Alaska Traffic Ticket

To fight your ticket in Alaska, you'll need to submit a request by mail or in person to the appropriate traffic court. For specific instructions on how to proceed in contesting your ticket, please refer to your AK traffic ticket or contact the court in the county where you received the ticket.

How to Fight an Alaska Traffic Ticket

Locate the AK Traffic Court

Where you'll handle the traffic ticket depends on whether it's a city or county ticket. City tickets are handled directly with the city; generally, other tickets are handled on county levels.

Most Alaska traffic tickets have this information printed on them; if yours doesn't, contact the court system to determine where you'll handle the ticket.

Schedule Your Court Hearing in Alaska

Some AK traffic tickets give you the opportunity to schedule a hearing by marking the appropriate “plead not guilty" box, mailing the ticket to the appropriate authorities, and waiting for a court date; others indicate that you're required to appear in court and already include a date.

Check both sides of your traffic ticket for this information; if you can't determine which course of action your particular Alaska traffic ticket requires, contact the court system for specific details. Be prepared to provide information such as your AK driver's license number and your citation number.

Rescheduling or Postponing Your Hearing

Contact your AL traffic court as soon as you realize you can't make your court date. Allowing the date to slip past without showing up only puts you at risk for a guilty judgment, additional fees, and an arrest warrant.

Hire an Alaska Traffic Ticket Attorney

Once you have a court date in Alaska, consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. An attorney skilled in Alaska's traffic laws can help you prepare your case and increase your chances of getting the best possible verdict.

Prepare Your Case

There are several ways you can prepare for your court hearing, with or without an attorney. Consider:

  • Gathering evidence that proves your innocence.
  • Talking with witnesses who were at the scene, and finding out if they'll testify for you.
  • Practicing your testimony (if your lawyer isn't going to do all the talking on your behalf).

Plead Your Case Before a Judge or Jury

During your Alaska traffic court hearing, the judge most likely will:

  • Listen to the police officer's testimony and view any evidence.
  • Hear your testimony (or listen to your attorney, should you decide not to testify for yourself).
  • Listen to any witnesses you or the officer bring.
  • Review evidence you bring.
  • Make a judgment.

If you're found not guilty of your traffic violation, you might have to pay some court-related fees, but otherwise the ordeal will be over.

If you're found guilty, on the other hand, you'll have to pay your AK traffic ticket, any associated fees and surcharges, and deal with penalties. Typically, judges discuss these penalties after giving judgment. Expect to incur points, and if you already have a certain number of points on your driving record, you might even face license suspension or revocation. Refer to our section on the AK Point System for details.

Filing an Appeal

In Alaska, you can appeal a guilty verdict on a traffic ticket. After your hearing, talk with a clerk about filing a Notice of Appeal; he or she will provide you or your attorney with all the necessary paperwork.

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