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  • Name Change in Alaska

    Alaska Name Change Package - $29.95

    Miss Now Mrs's Name Change Packages automates the completion of the required forms to change your name in Alaska. Simply complete a quick questionnaire, print out the forms and file them. It couldn't be easier.

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    Name Change Package
    Includes Forms for:

    • Drivers License
    • Vehicle Title
    • Registration
    • IRS
    • Voter Registration
    • US Passport
    • Bank Notification
    • Credit Card Notification
    • Insurance Notification

    Why Notify the Division of Motor Vehicles

    Changing your name, regardless of whether it's for divorce, marriage, or artistic compulsion, requires notifying the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) so it can make the appropriate changes on your driver's license, on your vehicle registration, and, if needed, on your title.

    Changing Your Name on a Driver's License or ID Card

    You can only initiate this change in person. Visit any DMV location with proof of your name change, and an updated Social Security card displaying your new name. (Visit the Social Security site for information on how to obtain a revised card.)

    The DMV will accept the following as valid proof:

    • A marriage certificate.
    • A certificate of dissolution, divorce, or annulment. This must be issued by the court and specifically state your new name.
    • A certified copy of a court order changing your name.

    To obtain an updated license, you will also be required to pass a vision test and pay a $15 license duplication fee. Additional fees may apply.

    Changing Your Name on a Title

    You must do this in person at any DMV location. Be sure to have your title with you. The DMV will treat your name change like a vehicle sale and require you to:

    • List your old name on the title as the seller.
    • Insert your new name on the title as the buyer.
    • Complete an Application for Title and Registration. An odometer reading is not required, but you will need to jot your name-change reason in the Affidavit section.
    • Pay a $15 fee. You'll also need to pay an additional $15 if there is a lien on the vehicle.

    If your title is jointly owned and the word "and" is shown between the two names, both you and the other person will need to sign off on the title.

    Changing Your Name on a Registration Certificate

    When you make changes on your title, the DMV will automatically make the same changes on your registration certificate. You'll receive the updated registration certificate with your new title.

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