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    Advertising That Makes Sense and Dollars


    We've reached over 450,000,000 visitors since we've started with focused geo-targeting, full spectrum demographics and flexible ad space.

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    Our Advantage

    Get the advantage that can provide - a proven success strategy of focused keyword targeting. Our 120 million plus visitors are the exact same visitors you want to target. So, when they come to our site looking for specific information, they see your ad and BOOM! Together we've created a relevant experience, which dramatically increases the users' willingness to commit.

    Our Clients Include

    Geico Insurance Partner
    Progressive Insurance Partner Partner
    esurance Partner
    Yahoo Partner
    Auto Check Partner
    I Drive Safely Partner
    American Safety Council Partner

    Geographic Targeting

    How deep do you want to go? We offer a robust location tool that allows you to geo-target on any level you wish. Go local or nationwide; either way you can be where your customers will be looking for you.

    • Nationwide
    • State by State
    • Counties
    • ZIP Codes

    Our Audience is Your Audience

    With more than 450,000,000 visitors since 1999 representing every demographic, you're bound to hit your target audience.





    Media Flexibility

    How big do you want to go? Unlike most ad spaces, we have no restrictions. That means we can optimize your ad space whatever size is needed to maximize your message and outcome.

    Share In Our Success

    Our goal is to offer the online population comprehensive and accurate content as well as targeted products and services that best suits its needs. If you are trying to reach our demographic of users, you offer a quality product, and our methods of ad integration pique your interest, please inquire about advertising with us.

    Our Reach

    • Well over 120 million unique visitors each year.
    • 200k+ Facebook Likes.
    • Localized Targeting.
    • Customized Advertising.
    • Customized Media.