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So what exactly is, and how can we make your life easier? Here are the basics that will shed some light on why is the website of choice when it comes to helping you with your DMV-related needs.

We're your first stop for your DMV-related needs.

Whether you're renewing your driver's license, registering your vehicle, or shopping around for car insurance, we have the information you need. You can quickly and easily access forms to download, simple guides to prepare you for your DMV trip, and even practice tests to help you pass any upcoming exams.

We make sure the information you're reading is as current and accurate as possible, and we distill it down so that it's easy to understand. And if you still have questions, we give you easy access to your state DMV agency.

We're NOT your state agency.

Our goal is not to replace, but to help state agencies. We believe that by helping you find the forms, facts, and information you need, we lessen the stress and strain on state DMV agencies. We aim to shorten lines, reduce calls, and increase the number of informed consumers at the DMV office - which helps everyone stay happy.

We're the largest driver-related site on the Web.

Launched in 1999, was one of the first publishing sites on the Internet specifically designed to help drivers with DMV-related issues. Over 15 years later, we are now the largest driver-related site on the Web, helping over 450,000,000 visitors and counting.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, and our Facebook page is growing daily with hundreds of thousands of fans!

We provide accurate, up-to-date content.

Our researchers and writers constantly review the state DMV sites for any updates or changes. When we find them, we immediately update our site. We even have a system that notifies us when something on our website is out of date, so you know you're getting the most accurate information.

In addition, we ask state DMVs to also help us keep current. When a state makes a change in a ruling or requirement, they often contact us and let us know about the changes. They're even encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions on how we can make things better… and that helps everyone.

We operate on the “Do Good" rule. has a different take on how a company should operate. It's our belief that by doing good, we do better as a company, an employer, and as individuals.

What does “do good" mean to us? It means that we:

  • Are committed to providing accurate, thorough information to the public free of charge.
  • Promote eco-friendly transportation initiatives that protect our world.
  • Make fair and equitable decisions with our business dealings and relationships with our partners.
  • Contribute our time and profits to charities and causes that are in line with our values of creating a safer, stronger people and planet.
  • Foster a healthy, fun, and rewarding work environment that enriches the lives of our team members.

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